Nothing can stop Greece leaving the Eurozone and a return to the 50s

Author : Sorin Grama | Monday, August 27, 2012
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Greece is living its last days in the Eurozone. The managers of Europe, including Angela Merkel, look at Athens perplexed and compassionate, yet with relief as they have secured their banks by passing the Greek papers to the Central European Bank (ECB), thinking now what to do with Italy and Spain. They are completely missing the point, and have not realized the potential threat the socio-political volcano Greece precludes.Maybe because the current leaders of Europe are not leaders but only managers the majority of which are not even good managers. As to the recent interest of Germany to keep Greece in the Eurozone, even making a concession of its original demands is due to the fact that if Greece returns to the local currency, in two weeks time the euro will strengthen by an estimated 20%, and German exports will accordingly drop. However, this will be only temporary because the Euro was designed to fail at any case

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