Ukraine bill gives protesters 15 days to leave the streets

Author : Sorin Grama | Thursday, January 30, 2014
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A bill passed by Ukraine’s parliament to amnesty arrested activists gives protesters a 15-day deadline to leave occupied streets and administrative buildings otherwise it will not be implemented, according to the text published Thursday.

The passing of the amnesty bill was a crucial moment in Ukraine’s crisis and is expected to form the basis of negotiations and disputes between the authorities and the opposition in the days to come.

The clock will start ticking on the 15-day deadline once the bill adopted at a raucous session by the Verkhovna Rada late Wednesday is signed by President Viktor Yanukovych and is published in state media to become law.

The opposition is furious with the bill as it makes the amnesty of dozens of activists arrested in bitter clashes with police conditional on protesters leaving key streets and buildings they have occupied in Kiev.


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