Algerian army discovers large quantity of arms near southern border

Author : Mircea Birca | Thursday, February 16, 2017
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imgA large quantity of arms and ammunition has been discovered Thursday by a detachment of the Algerian People’s National Army in the border region of Taoundert, west of Tin Zaouatine, in the province of Tamanrasset (1970-km south of Algiers), said the Ministry of National Defence in a statement.

“As part of operations to combat terrorism and strengthen border security, and during a reconnaissance patrol in the border region of Taoundert, 80-km west of Tin Zaouatine, in Tamanrasset (6th Military Region), a detachment of the People’s National Army discovered, on this morning 16 February 2017, an arms cache,” said the statement.

The arms cache contains “one Diktariov heavy machine gun, one RPK machine gun, three Kalashnikov sub-machine guns, six Simonov semiautomatic rifles, five repeating rifles, one MAT-49 machine gun, five grenades and 1,335 bullets of different calibres,” said the Ministry’s statement.

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