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ISIS Claims Responsibility For Attack On Military Parade In Ahvaz, Iran
On September 22, 2018, A’maq, the news agency for the Islamic State (ISIS), published a report saying that ISIS fighters had carried out a commando attack using light weapons on a military parade in Ahvaz, Iran, killing or injuring 100 people.
ISIS In Kirkuk, Iraq Releases Video Featuring Fighters Condemning Kurdish Government, Parties For Associating With West
On September 25, 2018, the Islamic State (ISIS) in Kirkuk, Iraq, released a video featuring fighters condemning in Arabic and Kurdish the Kurdish government and the political parties in Kurdistan for their association with the U.S. and for aspiring to create a national state for Kurds.
Taliban’s ‘Jihadi In-Charge’ For Ghazni Province Discusses Conquest Of Ghazni
After a five-day battle that began on August 10, 2018, the fighters of the Islamic Emirate (the Taliban organization) took over the city of Ghazni, Afghanistan, which is the capital of Ghazni province and is a two-hour drive from Kabul. The fall of Ghazni is considered a significant gain for the Taliban.
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