A-H Sadulaev: «The war can be stopped only with the war »

Russia has destroyed our hopes for peace

An interview of the President of the ChRI Abdul-Halim Sadulaev to the Arabian newspaper “Al-Aman”. (The version of the Turkish edition “Milli Gazete”)

In what condition is the Chechen Jihad now, and why, in your opinion, have you been elected to head the Jihad?

In the name of Allah, Gracious and Merciful!

We do not separate Moslems of the Chechen Republic from the Muslim Ummah. Our struggle, which began in 1994, is the choice, which would be made by any Muslim people loving their Fatherland and resisting to invaders and traitors.

The reason of that I have been elected to head the state is the death of our President Aslan Maskhadov, who became a Shaheed, insha Allah.

How has Aslan Maskhadov’s death affected the position of Mujahiddeens?

Mujahiddeens are at war against the Russian occupation on the way of Allah. We do not act with feelings of revenge or for the sake of it. Not only Maskhadov has become a Shaheed on this way, but many and many thousands of people. Therefore our struggle will be continued.

What influence does Shamil Basaev have on the situation?

There are no oppositional groups among us. Our military forces have one and the same commandment, the same situation and the same problems. None of the groups or divisions operates independently or in an opposite direction.

Is it possible to say in this case, that you control all armed divisions?

After President Maskhadov became a Shaheed, insha Allah, the unity of Mujahiddeens only has even more amplified and the trust to each other has become even stronger.

Do you still expect to solve the military conflict by peace?

We are going to continue the course of President Maskhadov. As well as Maskhadov, we consider that the war can be stopped only by the war. All our attempts to solve the problem by peace came to the end with a deadlock and strengthening of military actions from the enemy. Today we do not see peace ways to stop the war.

What are the future plans of your resistance?

Chechens did not begin the war, we were attacked by Russians. We lived in peace and calmness on 17 thousand square kilometers of our soil. Living on 17 million square kilometers, Russians decided to conquer our scrap of territory. They occupied it and plunder our riches. Therefore we shall fight as much, as it is necessary.

If Putin remains at authority, what are your prospects?

I would not like to be engaged in the analysis of policy or actions of administration of Putin or to state them estimation. It is a problem of the Russian people. It is important to understand, that the problem of Russia and the Chechen Republic has not begun with Putin, it has 400 years history. And, most likely, it will be solved not with Putin.

In your position, probably, it is difficult to keep in contact with people?

We have never interrupted the communication with the people. We are a flesh of our people; we are inside of the people.

We protect our Fatherland, our values, our freedom and we still stand on our feet only because we have support of the people, though our people have the hardest period of time, and our Native land is destroyed by invaders to the basis.

Do you have any political projects? Why do not you agree to have the status of autonomy inside Russia ?

For their independence the Chechen people have sacrificed 250 thousand lives. These are 25 % of our population. The Muslim Chechen Republic should be an independent state. At the same time, we are ready for an open cooperation with all interested international forces.

And what is about Kadyrov and others appointed by Russians?

Kadyrov and others are only Russian agents. They have sold their Native land and Religion for privileges and posts.

What do you think about statements of Russians about restoration of the Chechen Republic ?

Such applications are an invention. For 6 years Russians restore their occupational bases in the Chechen Republic and purposefully destroy our Native land.

In the Chechen Republic Russia can show only devastation and nothing else.

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