27 invaders killed, wounded in mountain Chechnya

During combat actions CRI’s Vedeno district last Tuesday 12 invaders were killed and about 15 invaders were wounded. One BTR armored vehicle was knock out. One more vehicle was burnt down, the spokesman of the Headquarters of the Eastern Front of CRI Armed Forces reported.

According to the spokesman of Chechen command, the military operations were took place in district of villages of Eshelhatoy and Hinji-Kotor. It is reported that the mobile squads of Mujahideen twice entered into combat with invaders. During fierce fighting two Chechens became Shaheeds.

The Russian side used helicopters. After the eng of contact fighting actions, a wood zone between Eshelhatoy and Hinji-Kotor (village, which has practically merged with Vedeno) had been subjected to artillery and rocket bombardments.

Russians claim death of Amir Rasul Makasharipov

Amir of Dagestani Jamaat “Shariat” Rasul Makasharipov became Shaheed in Shamilkala (former Makhachkala), Russian mass-media claims referring to the deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia, Andrey Novikov.

One more Mujahid became Shaheed together with him. They claim that their bodies were identified by their relatives. No information about that came from Dagestani Mujahideen.

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