Justice Minister Insists Skopje Wants to Prosecute Cases Returned by Hague Tribunal

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — Macedonian Justice Minister Meri Mladenovska-Gjorgjievska reiterated on Tuesday (5 July) that Skopje is prepared to prosecute the four cases that the UN tribunal decided to return to the country. Mladenovska-Gjorgjievska outlined the position during talks with tribunal president Theodor Meron and chief prosecutor Carla del Ponte in The Hague. The cases cover alleged war crimes committed by former ethnic Albanian guerrillas against civilians. They concern the kidnapping and torture of workers at the Mavrovo Construction Company, the killing of 12 Macedonians from Tetovo who were later found in a mass grave, and the closure of a dam at Lipkovo — a move that left the nearby town of Kumanovo without running water for several weeks.

In other news Tuesday, Italian Army Chief Giampaolo di Paola wrapped up a two-day visit to Macedonia, praising the country’s significant progress in military reform. He and Macedonian counterpart, General Miroslav Stojanovski, also discussed ways to enhance bilateral co-operation.

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