President-elect: Iran’s foreign policy based on clear principles

TEHRAN – President elect Mahmoud Ah-madinejad said here Tuesday that Iran’s foreign policy is based on clear principles, stressing the world should respect the will of the Iranian nation.
In a meeting with Foreign Minister Kamal Khar-razi and his deputies, Ah-madinejad said those governments respecting such an important principle in their relations with Iran will be held in reverence by the Iranian nation, IRNA reported.
He cited democracy and election as a real phenomenon in the Islamic Republic and added that materialization of the Iranians’ will in every round of elections was an opportunity to strengthen the government’s power in meeting the country’s interest and promoting basic foreign policies.
Ahmadinejad said the 9th presidential election in Iran was a great achievement and a cause of honor and dignity for the Iranian nation which brought about an unprecedented opportunity and new strength for the system.
He urged officials involved in Iran’s foreign policy apparatus to seize such a chance as a powerful background to materialize foreign policy goals.
The president-elect expressed his regret over double standard and contradictory attitude of certain Western governments towards democracy, saying those who claim to defend democracy in the world encouraged the Iranian nation not to use such an absolute right.
Those governments level accusations against the Islamic Republic in a bid to prevent the Iranian nation from materializing their will, he stated.
Kharrazi, for his part, pointed to Iran’s special position in the region and the world and outlined measures adopted so far to meet the national interests and establish constructive and effective cooperation with different states.

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