3 invaders killed and 6 wounded in Chechnya’s south

According to radio “Liberty” a firefight occurred in Vedeno district between Chechen Mujahideen unit and Russian invaders. As a result of attack on military motorcade of aggressors three Russian terrorists were eliminated and six others were wounded. Firefight was occurred on Sunday.

In response Russian invaders have carried out a retaliatory raid in Vedeno and have kidnapped seven local residents under the pretext of passport checking. Nothing is known about their destiny.

9 killed, wounded in Chechnya – AFP

AFP source inside the pro-Moscow puppet administration reported that one Russian invader was eliminated and other one was wounded during attacks on road blocks of Russian invaders over the 24-hour period of last Friday to Saturday. One Kadirov “policeman” was killed and another four were injured in a shootout with Mujahideen southwest of Jokhar (former Grozny). In another clash, in Vedeno province two “policemen” were killed. These reports came from Bulgarian information agency FOCUS, which was referring to AFP (Agence France-Presse

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