Chronology of battle in Shamilkala

Invaders report the names of Dagestani Shaheeds (insha Allah)

2005-10-09 14:46:46

Invaders and local puppets have reported the names of four Dagestani Shaheeds (insha Allah) who according to the claims of kafirs were dead in a battle in center of Shamilkala (former Makhachkala). It is reported that all of them were Mujahideen of Islamic Jamaat of Dagestan “Shariat”: Makhach (Yasin) Rasulov, Abduzagir Mantayev, Murad Khaybulayev, Abdulkadir Isayev. (May Allah bless the Gazavat Mujahideen).

Invaders also claim that during firefight two “police” were killed — one kafir and one local munafiq. There are wounded men also. Acknowledgement of this information did not come form independent sources.

Contradictory reports come from Shamilkala

2005-10-09 13:43:12

Occupational sources report contradictory information about a firefight in Shamilkala (the former Makhachkala). According to initial statements of invaders during the battle four Mujahideen were dead. Two or three more Dagestani Mujahideen continue fighting having barricaded in destroyed house. Invaders claim that during combat action two munafiqs, the so called “police” from OMON and SOBR gangs were killed. Some munafiqs were wounded.

According to reports from Shamilkala, the house in which Mujahideen held defense, is completely destroyed and burned down. The neighboring houses also destroyed. Invaders and puppets used armored vehicles.

About 13:15 on local time, invaders have once again claim that fight in the city centre has come to the end. It is reported that two bodies of Dagestani Shaheeds found on a place of battle, though earlier, invaders and puppets reported all over again about 5 then about 4 killed Mujahideen. What is actually happening in city whether the fight has stopped or not has not clear yet.

Shooting again audible in center of Shamilkala

2005-10-09 12:37:44

According to occupational sources, shooting is again audible in center of Shamilkala. According to eyewitnesses battle continues in the city. Exact data of what happening is unknown. Invaders and local puppets name different figures of losses of Mujahideen from 2 up to 5 fighters. Thus it is claimed that only 2 munafiqs were killed. Reports about situation in Dagestan did not come from command of Mujahideen.

Mujahideen in Shamilkala destroyed 2, wounded 1 munafiq

2005-10-09 11:30:04

According to Interfax during firefight in Shamilkala Mujahideen have destroyed 2 munafiqs and badly wounded 1. Up to know acknowledgement of this information did not come form independent sources.

Invaders report: 5 Mujahideen killed Shamilkala

2005-10-09 11:29:21

On preliminary data of invaders who are reported the Interfax agency, in firefight with munafiqs 5 Mujahideen became Shaheeds. The agency meanwhile does not report about the end of fight. From independent sources of messages did not act yet. Information did not come form independent sources.

Combat continues in Shamilkala

2005-10-09 10:24:23

Combat continues in Shamilkala between Mujahideen and local collaborators, the munafiqs. According to the Interfax agency Mujahideen hold defense in double-decker at a corner of streets Dahadayeva and Pervomayskaya. Nothing is reported about the number of Mujahideen and results of combat.

At the same time the agency reports that in city’s centre shooting and explosions of grenades are audible, so it is not clear what is actually happening in the city and how many combat actions take place. Information did not come form independent sources.

Fighting in center of Shamilkala

2005-10-09 08:50:03

According to Interfax, in center of Shamilkala Mujahideen conduct a combat with special units of munafiqs. Combat takes place in street Dahadayeva in the center of Shamilkala. Agency reports that in the center of the Dagestan capital shooting and explosions are audible. Information did not come form independent sources.

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