Iranian Expert & Iranian Newspaper Criticize Mehlis Report

The Iranian International Expert and Chairman of Eurosweek institution for studies in London Berzou Moujtahed Zada said Monday that report of the International investigation committee on the assassination of former Lebanese premier Rafik al-Hariri raised the astonishment and where it agrees with America and Israel’s accusations against Syria.

Iranian news agency Fares quoted Moujtahed Zada as saying that “the assassination of al-Hariri came in the interest of Israel and America”, asserting the necessity of searching for aims which standing behind any event happenes in the world.

For its part, Iranian newspaper of ‘Vefaq’ said in its editorial that it is necessary to unveil the real persons who carried put the crime. “Deluding and distorting the investigation and stirring up feelings and emotions seems more dangerous than the crime itself.

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