17 invaders and puppets eliminated in Chechnya

According to spokesman of Military Council Majlisul Shura of CRI 17 kafirs and munafiqs were eliminated during the gun battles in various parts of the country on April 12-13. More than 20 invaders and collaborators have got wounded. 


Mujahideen command said that the information about fighting operations have been received from Vedeno (Eshelhatoy, Selmentauzen villages), Shatoy, Nojay-Yurt district and capital Jokhar. 


3 armored vehicles and 2 cargo trucks have been destroyed during sabotage actions and attacks on enemy positions. 2 Mujahideen became Shaheeds in firefight with invaders. 


The representative of Mujahideen command has not gave details of fighting operations, having said that the accounting information had been received by radio communication. 


Meanwhile, Russian aircraft and artillery have continued to bomb large forests of mountain Chechnya. No information has been got about the victims of these bombardments. 


Also there was a report about a rotation of occupational formations in district of village Khattuni, where the Russian troops stationary. Details are unknown.

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