Chechen Mujahideen eliminate and injure 22 kafirs and munafiqs

According to spokesman of Military Council Majlisul Shura of CRI, 14 munafiqs and kafrirs were eliminated and 8 others wounded during the combat operations of Mujahideen on April 22-23.More...
According to Chechen side 2 kafirs have been destroyed as a result of explosion in Jokhar. One munafiq has been shot dead and 2 others injured in night clash.
During the sabotage operations in Yalhoy-Mahk village, Nojay-Yurts district of country, 2 kafirs were eliminated and 1 more wounded.
2 more kafirs have been eliminated as a result of firefight between villages Avtury and Serjen-Yurt. The representative of Chechen command has reported that Russian troops used artillery after Mujahideen attacked a group kafirs this area. One Mujahideen have got wounded.
At least 3 munafiqs have been eliminated in woodland of Urus-Martan district of the country as a result of short gun battle between mobile group of Mujahideen and munafiqs. Mujahideen did not incur any losses.
4 kafirs have been killed and 5 others injured as a result of attack on Russian convoy in Itum-Kali district. One army vehicle was destroyed. There is no about Mujahideen casualties.

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