A Squad of the Russian invaders was eliminated nearby Trti-Kotar

4782_1.jpgA representative of the Headquarters of The Eastern Front of the Armed Forces of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (CRI)  (the Commander Amir Mus-Hadisov Sultan) told the Kavkaz-Center Information Agency about that on the eve in the evening Mujahiddeens eliminated a squad of the Russian aggressors on high ground  nearby the Turti-Kotar settlement of the Nozhay-Yurt Region of the country

 According to information of the Chechen sources, due to setting an ambush the enemy squad was attacked unexpectedly and intensively. During the combat many kafirs were killed on the site and others run away or were dispersed. According to preliminary data over 10 enemy soldiers found their death and at lease 15 ones were injured. One Mujahiddeen became Shaheed (inshAllah), and 4 Islamic fighters were injured.

In the morning of 12 June the Russian aviations bombarded several times outskirts the Turti-Kotar village and  a forest area.

 It is noteworthy that the Russian side reported on hostilities that took place nearby the abovementioned village (though it called it Tatay-khutor) and nearby he Nikikhat village. According to allegations of occupants they lost 3 soldiers killed and several ones injured.

 Before the Russian side had reported on combats conducted nearby the Nikikhat village. Then it was reported that several mercenary collaborationists from the bandit armed grouping “South” were killed and injured during clashes with Mujahiddeens.

 According to information of the abovementioned representative of the Chechen Command intensive hostilities continue during the last 3 weeks in the Nozhay-Yurt and Vedeno Regions of CRI. The Russian aggressors use armors, aviation and artillery. Mujahiddeens permanently attack the enemy in different places of the abovementioned regions.

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