Clashes in Ingushetia

4794_1.jpgA source inside the Command Center of Ingush Sector of the Southwest Front reported to Kavkaz Center news agency that in the last few days sporadic firefights took place between mobile units of Ingush Mujahideen and Russian kafirs’ occupation troops in settlements of Ali-Yurt, Surhohi, and some other neighboring villages.

According to the Ingush Command Center, the Russian side used aircraft, armored vehicles, units of army special troops, the FSB, and mercenaries from so-called internal troops of the Russian Interior Ministry. Local collaborators from pro-Russian “militia” gave mainly an administrative support to the Russian invaders.

In the last 5 days, at least two contact firefights and some skirmishes took place. During the clashes, 10 to 15 kafirs were eliminated. A large number of invaders was wounded. On the Mujahideen side, two fighters became Shaheeds (martyred). One Ingush fighter died as a result of a fragmental wound when a cannon shell exploded nearby. Another died at early evening in a contact firefight.

The source in Ingush Command Center reports that the Mujahideen units feel confident. After several maneuving moves, Mujahideen dispersed themselves into earlier chosen positions, tracking the actions of kafirs and periodically entering into firefights with them.

The source also reports that the Ingush Command Center fully controls the situation, carries out efficient control and coordination of mobile squads and units, and does not think it necessary to reinforce the Mujahideen grouping in the combat zone.

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