11 Russian Invaders Annihilated in Chechnya

5041_1.jpgOn July 20, Mujahideen exterminated 11 and wounded at least 10 Russian invaders and local traitors in Chechnya, reports a spokesman of Eastern Front HQ of CRI Armed Forces.

 Mujahideen attacked the enemy in the area of villages Dargo, Yalkhoi Mokhck and Gansolchu. 7 Russian kafirs (inifdels) were killed and 5 wounded in shootings on Russian military convoys and explosions of their vehicles.

 Another 4 invaders were killed and 2 wounded in a firefight in  forest tracts south of village Elistanji. One Mujahideen was wounded, reports the source.

 At least 3 munafiqs (Chechen traitors) were wounded in an explosion of their truck on a landmine near district center Vedeno.

 Russian airplanes bombarded Shatoi and Vedeno districts in the nighttime. Air attacks were carried out against the areas near Dagestan border. No casualties were reported.

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