Grim humanitarian conditions for Lebanese

2207-mat-lebanonaid.jpgAs families fled Lebanon’s southern city of Tyre, the regional manager of the agency Christian Aid said “the situation on the ground is grim and getting worse.” Half of Tyre’s 100,000 population is believed to have left, while tens of thousands have arrived in the city from the surrounding region, fleeing Israeli bombing raids.

They are having to sleep in whatever shelter they can find. Israel says it will ease humanitarian access to Lebanon so relief groups can deliver food, medicine and other emergency supplies. The first relief convoy of the International Committee of the Red Cross reached Tyre yesterday, after a six-hour journey from Beirut. Abdul Mohsen Hussaini is the city’s mayor.

“Today is the first day the Red Cross has been able to bring relief supplies,” he said “We have been waiting for them for the past ten days. We want to thank those who have brought them here.” Many people are stocking up on food and medicine. The Red Cross says the humanitarian situation is deteriorating rapidly as Lebanese towns become more isolated because of damage to roads, bridges and other structures. The World Health Organisation says it is very concerned about the lack of electricity in hospitals.

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