Israel probes helicopter crash that killed two

2507-fighting.jpgIsrael has confirmed the deaths of two of its airmen in a helicopter crash. It is not being ruled out that Hizbollah rocket fire was responsible. Human error and technical problems are also being investigated as potential causes. A full enquiry is underway.
Hizbollah says it was behind the crash in northern Israel. The Israeli military also suffered losses inside Lebanon. Two soldiers were killed during combat as Israel’s army, having taken control of Maroun al-Ras, pushed towards Bint Jbeil in search of Hizbollah fighters and rocket-launchers.

More than a dozen troops were injured in the fighting – some apparently by friendly fire. Hizbollah said it had hit five tanks in Monday’s battles. Israel confirmed at least one tank had been struck. It believes at least 10 Hizbollah gunmen were killed in the fighting. More than 40 Israelis have died since the conflict began, over half of them soldiers. According to security sources, Israel’s army believes it may have a week to keep pounding Hizbollah before any deal is reached.

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