World of Islam Proud of Hezbollah Performance

A00852091.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Representative of Hezbollah Movement to Iran said what Hezbollah is doing brings honor and glory to the world of Islam.

Seyed Abdullah Safioddin said that the Zionist regime is endeavoring to occupy the Lebanese territories to have the upper hand at the negotiation table and take concessions, “but Hezbollah has surprised them.”

He continued that Hezbollah has so far inflicted abundant spiritual and material losses and damage on the Zionist regime.

Noting that the Israelis’ death toll has reached 60 while Hezbollah has just had a number of 3 martyrs since the beginning of war, he said, “They have even failed to target the military troops of Hezbollah.”

The official said that the best military achievement of the Israeli army has been the entry of a limited number of its tanks into the Maroon al-Ra’s region.

Safioddin stressed that Hezbollah troops incur heavy damage and casualties on the Israeli army wherever they find them.

He further censured the US and some Arab countries for rendering support to Israel which, he said, is aimed at demolishing the military capabilities of Hezbollah.

The Lebanese official underlined that Hezbollah has torn apart the image Israel had portrayed of itself as an invincible power.

He reiterated that Hezbollah will maintain resistance, “because this is a decisive war for the world of Islam.”

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