Dagestani Mujahideen Report Killing 11 Invaders and Proxies

5180_1.jpgPractically every week military units of  Dagestani Front eliminate Russian kafirs (infidels) and their local proxies in Russia-occupied Caucasian state of Dagestan, says a  press release issued today, August 3, by  Mujahideen of  Dagestani Front and Sharia Jamaat,  which was sent to the Kavkaz Center news agency.


Thus, Special Operation Group Abduljabar gunned down  in Khasavyurt district a dangerous enemy of Moslems named Zabitov, head of puppet police department No 6, together with his accomplice, when they were traveling in a car.


The Mujahideen of Dagestani Front units under the command of Amir Rabbani Khalilov attacked  Russian invaders near village Ghilyany, killing 4 and wounding several other kafirs. Mujahideen suffered no casualties.


A Special Operation Group of Mujahideen eliminated 3 and wounded one puppet policeman near village Endirei in Khasavyurt district. One Mujahideen martyred (insha Allah).


Another Special Operation Group, Asadullah, exterminated 1 and wounded another one munafiq (traitor) in Buinaksk district. One Mujahideen martyred (insha Allah).


A Special Operation Group Mahdi executed a local munafiq named Mahdi Haji Abidov who worked as a so called “mufti helper”. Together with other munafiqs, he humiliated Moslems and expelled them from a mosque with the help of puppet “special police forces”. He also spoke against Islam and called Moslems to become informers of the Russian secrete police FSB (former KGB).

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