Mottaki: Balance Equations Changed in ME


 TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said that the US and Britain are well informed that the equations of balance have changed in the Middle-East.


Speaking to reporters at the end of a ceremony to honor the memory of 8 Iranian diplomats and a journalist martyred by Taliban forces in Mazar Sharif, Afghanistan 8 years ago, Mottaki said, in response to a question about the reason

underlying the United States’ dual-standards in treating international rules, that Washington’s double-standards in treating crimes by different states originates from the hegemonic nature of the US.”But the popular and Islamic resistance of the Lebanese people has given a very proper response to the Zionist aggressions,” he continued.

The top diplomat also stated, “The Zionist regime and its allies, particularly the US and Britain, have now realized that the equations of balance in the Middle-East have changed.”

“These are such concepts as self-confidence and inclination towards Islam that define and determine such a balance,” he continued.

Mottaki said that the Lebanese popular and Islamic resistance has stood up to the aggressions and expansionist policies of the Zionists and their allies and succeeded in protecting the legitimate rights of the Islamic and popular resistance very well.

The Iranian Foreign Minister expressed hope that the Lebanese resistance would gain further successes in the political game that the UN Security Council has started.

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