Reuters Spreads KGB Lies

In a report from Johar, the capital of the Russian-occupied Chechnya, dated  August 14, about  such an “important world news” as Russian terrorists from the KGB (now called FSB) sending  SMS text messages on mobile phones of every subscriber in Ingushetia “to end their participation in illegal armed groups”, Reuters wrongly mentioned, without citing its KGB source, that “Russian forces killed top Chechen rebel commander Shamil Basayev on July 10”.


It is a well known fact that Shamil Basayev martyred (Shaheed insha Allah) in an accidental blast while transportig explosives to kill Russian invaders, and the Russians have nothing to do with it.


The Reuters report  is a first direct desinformation by a major Western news agency of its readers in this regard. Earlier,  Western media either gave simultaneously two “versions”, both from the Russians and the Chechens, or simply wrote that “Shamil Basayev was killed in a blast”.

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