Sanctions Serve Iran’s Growth

A0209753.jpgTERHAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Government Spokesman Gholam Hossein Elham said that previous sanctions have pushed Iran to access new technologies, adding that the measure would help Iran’s growth and make the nation stronger.

Speaking to reporters in his weekly press briefing here on Monday, Elham lashed out at the recent UN Security Council resolution against Iran and stressed that it is indicative of the body’s double-standards, leading into a lack of trust between the two parties.

“Such attitudes by the UN make us lose our confidence in the other party, because we have always had transparent conducts which complied with the legal rules and principles in full and these threats may never influence our legal deeds,” he said in response to a question about the likely adoption of sanction options by the United Nations Security Council (SNSC).

He said that sanction may not leave negative impacts on the Iranian society, “because it is not a new measure. Previous sanctions caused our further growth and creativity. It was under these sanctions that we managed to acquire peaceful nuclear technology.”

“We are an experienced nation which has always managed success out of the frequent tests it has been forced to go through, and we will certainly turn more solid if they decide to impose sanctions on us again,” Elham underscored.

The spokesman also pointed out that government has specific plans for treating such threats, adding that the measure would leave a bigger negative impact on the western states, given the energy resources, political power and desirable geopolitical position of Iran.

Asked to comment on the UN Security Council resolution on Lebanon, he said resolution 1701 is one-sided, and further reiterated the need to pay due and fair attention to the issue of the Lebanese prisoners of war.

Yet, he pointed out that these are the Lebanese nation and government who should decide about resolution 1701 and that Iran will honor whatever decision they may adopt in this regard.

He further criticized the UNSC for its delay in ratifying the resolution on Lebanon, saying that it unveiled the weakness of global bodies.

“The delay the UN Security Council showed in calling the ceasefire and its primary opposition to the establishment of the truce were both recorded in the history and the performance report of the United Nations, discredited the Council and discouraged the world public opinion from the international bodies,” he continued.

Meantime, he stressed that the UNSC’s approach to the issue must be changed, saying, “This kind of approach which allows activity of the aggressor and maintains its freedom but restricts the legal and legitimate resistance of the opposing nation must be changed totally.”

He also stressed that Hezbollah is the winner in the Israel- Lebanon war.

Elham said that the fragile power of the Zionist regime has been shattered by the Islamic resistance movement.

“All those who take pride in their arsenals should know that the will of the people has the right to make the final say,” he added.

“The Zionist regime is the root of corruption,” Elham said, stressing that regional peace and stability would be an illusion for as long as the regime exists.

Elsewhere, in response to a question about the mistreatment of a group of Iranian university students and professors by the US immigration and naturalization officers, the Government Spokesman mentioned that instructors and students of Sharif Technical University can raise charges against US and claim for damage.

The question pertained to a recent visit to the US by Sharif Technical University instructors and students, where the US immigration and naturalization officers required their finger prints.

“The move is part of the US administrators’ unjustifiable, unethical and political approach, which proves that they are not committed to anything.

“They are still unable to identify a university instructor from a terrorist,” he added.

Elham said that if the American officials approach scientific figures in such a way and have such an attitude towards science, it is a pity and great loss to the humanity.

The government spokesman said that even in the Medieval Ages such reactionary approaches were not observed.

“Such an approach once more reveals the US hegemonic nature, which takes thinkers for terrorists,” he added.

The official said that Iranian courts are legally prepared to process a complaint against the US government, adding that university instructors have the right to raise their claims at domestic courts and claim for damage.

He added that the relevant courts will go through their file and issue just rulings against such inhuman approaches.

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