Five Russian Soldiers Killed in Chechnya

On Friday afternoon (August 18), a diversion group of Mujahideen blew up a Russian armored personnel carrier in the area of village Eshelkhatoi, killing 2 and wounding at least 4 invaders. 

A Russian military truck was also blown up by Mujahideen on a road near village Yakhoi Mokhck. Radio intercept revealed that 3 Russian kafirs (infidels) were killed and several severely wounded, reported a spokesman of the Eastern Front Headquarters of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria\’a Armed Forces.

 Meanwhile, the puppets in Dagestan reported another their \”policeman\” died on August 18 in a hospital after an attack of Mujahideen on August 11 on a police post near the house of a high-ranking proxy \” security officer\” in Shamilkala (former Makhachkala), the capital of Dagestan. Another puppet policeman injured in the attack died in a hospital on August 14.

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