Minister Urges Kyrgyzstan to Cede Projects to Iranian Contractors

A0175828.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Minister of Industries called on Kyrgyzstan to provide the grounds required for assigning execution of industrial projects to Iranian contractors.

Speaking in a meeting with Kyrgyzstan’s Minister of Economy, Ali Reza Tahmasbi said expansion of cooperation with Muslim countries and those states sharing a common historical background with Iran sets the agenda for Ahmadinejad’s administration.

“In the same line, we strive to deepen and develop cooperation with friendly countries and we have thus far achieved desirable results both in economic and political grounds,” he continued.

The minister also reminded that Tehran has established good relations with not only the neighboring states, but also with all the friendly countries which hold relatively close political views with the Islamic Republic, irrespective of their geographical distance from Iran.

He further mentioned transfer of know-how and establishment of car assembly plants, design and construction of cement production factories, car sales, mine exploration and extraction, design and construction of small dairy products industries as areas in which Iranian companies and contractors have gained desirable experiences, adding that these companies can utilize their experiences for the purpose of developing the two countries’ cooperation.

He also reminded that Iranian technical and engineering companies are now executing projects in some other countries, saying that they could also execute such projects in Kyrgyzstan in the different grounds of power plant or road construction and the like.

For his part, Kyrgyzstan’s Economy Minister who is currently in Tehran to attend the 8th meeting of the two countries’ joint economic commission, appreciated the Iranian President for opening a credit line for the Iranian businessmen active in his country, which has allowed such traders to go on with their activity in Kyrgyzstan.

He said that after his visits to the dairy and auto-manufacturing complexes in Iran he found out that Tehran could provide his country with precious experiences in these areas.

The Economy Minister further called for the endorsement of a hydro power plant agreement between Iran and Kyrgyzstan and said that his country could export to Iran 3 billion of the total 14 billion kilowatt hours of electricity which it generates.

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