Video. Mujahideen Attacks in Chechnya

5379_1.jpgAs reported earlier, a diversion group of  Chechen Mujahideen carried out a successful attack in the area of village Prigorodnoye at 11 am on August 16, blowing up in a directional explosion of a landmine a kafirs\’ military truck. The Mujahideen know for certain that 4 Russians were wounded. No information on the number of annihilated Russians was available. 

The second episode in the video produced by the Mucadele (Fighting) studio refers to a landmine explosion of a Russian military truck in Nozhai Yurt district of Chechnya which was carried out on August 3, 2006 by a diversion group of a unit belonging to the Eastern Front of the CRI Armed Forces under the command of Amir Musa. One Russian invader was killed in the attack.

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