Larijani:US Predictions about Iran’s Nuclear Move Not to Be Materialized

A0219411.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Secretary Ali Larijani said that the US predictions about Iran’s nuclear move may not come true as its forecasts about Hezbollah’s conditions were not materialized.

Addressing the 16th official meeting of the third term of the Experts Assembly here on Tuesday, Larijani noted the trend of Iran-EU nuclear talks and stressed Tehran’s preparedness to guarantee the peaceful nature of its nuclear activities and that it may never divert its nuclear potentials from peaceful to military applications.

“Despite abundant propaganda they launched about their inclination to cooperate with Iran, some member states of the 5+1 group, unfortunately, tell us very frankly that they do not want us to gain access to nuclear science, which is an illogical statement and demand,” he stated.

Iran’s top nuclear negotiator reminded west’s request for negotiating with Tehran on nuclear issues and their consequent proposals to Iran, saying that the Islamic Republic accepted the package of incentives irrespective of all the negative points that it contained.

Pointing to his Brussels meeting with western officials, he continued, “Then, we asked for the transparency of the ambiguities existing in the package, but the 5+1 states acted in violation of their earlier promises and issued a UNSC resolution against Iran.

Making reference to recent incidents in Lebanon, Larijani mentioned, “The United States imagined that it could wrap up the case with the Lebanese Hezbollah and thus, it strived to ratify a resolution at the UN Security Council against Iran in a bid to exert pressure on the Islamic Republic in any future talks.”

“The US officials repeated their miscalculations, their predictions didn’t come true about Hezbollah and their forecasts about Iran will not be materialized either.”

Saying that Tehran presented a detailed response to the package following a request by the UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, the nuclear official stressed that his country is prepared to attend talks.

Meantime, Larijani reminded that such talks must be based on the rules and contents of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

He further described Iran as a strategic country with skillful manpower and geo-strategic position, which has impeded materialization of the US expansionist policies in the Middle-East, reminding that Washington’s opposition to Iran has intensified since the United States blames Iran for all its failures in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Lebanon.

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