Ahmadinejad Describes Bush Illogical

A0217516.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad described his US counterpart George W. Bush as an illogical person for having shrunk from his proposal for a televised debate on global acceptability of the two countries’ rationales, measures and view points.

We asked them to attend a televised debate, but they escaped. Why do you panic? We want the world public opinion to judge us. Do you think that the world nations are unwise?” Ahmadinejad stated while addressing a fervent congregation of Orumieh citizens in the northwestern province of West Azerbaijan on Thursday.

He continued, “It is just a debate, we utter our own ideas and you utter your own without any censorship, then nations will judge us.”

The Iranian President reminded that the ones who claim to be proponents of the free flow of information have rejected his proposal, adding, “Those who evade the exchange of ideas on world issues cannot defend themselves logically.”

He said Bush is afraid of world public opinion and continued, “We know that they are afraid the truth would be revealed and their role in various crimes in the world would be exposed. But they should know that by evading a debate they would not be serving their interests.”

Saying that Iranians are interested in logic and dialogue and the enforcement of justice, the chief executive official warned Bush that by rejecting debate proposal, he proves his disrespect for the concerns and wisdom of nations.

He further reminded that the Iranian people have been the vanguard of peace in the world and have never violated the rights of any nation, “and that’s why they are not afraid of any open debate.”

Ahmadinejad pointed to the aggressive behavior, wars, corruption, discrimination and genocide practiced by global arrogant powers as the underlying cause of all human sufferings.

He said the world bullying powers are behind the aggressions, wars and bloodshed committed on innocent people worldwide.

“They allege to be pioneers of freedom, but they extend strong support to the autocrat and bullying states of the world for the sake of their own interests. They have secret prisons and they kidnap and torture innocent people,” the President stressed.

Mentioning eavesdropping and control of information as among the other violations of human rights and freedom of action committed by the said powers, he stated, “They allege to be proponents of freedom, but at the same time they show strong opposition to Palestinians’ right of sovereignty and determining their own fate.”
The Iranian President warned arrogant powers that they cannot trample upon the rights of the Iranian nation.

Quoting his response to a question posed by an American journalist who had asked him about the root cause of all problems, Ahmadinejad stressed, “The problem is that American leaders think all problems can be solved with the use of force and by maintaining military arsenals.

He asserted, “But times have changed and it is culture, thought and logic that are the sources of power now and it is because of this very fact that they refuse to debate with us.”

The President reiterated that progress and development must go hand in hand with unity and solidarity because the enemies pursue to sow seed of discord among the Iranian people and thereby weaken them.

“Our main duty now is to build and develop our country,” he said, adding that a lot of work still lay ahead.

He also called for the immediate completion of all infrastructural and other development projects.

Ahmadinejad said arrogant powers strongly oppose Iran’s progress and prosperity and have, thus, imposed all sorts of economic sanctions on the country in the past 25 years.

“But I’m telling you (arrogant powers) that you are in deep mistake because a nation which has proved its capability in mastering the nuclear technology without any foreign help, is, no doubt, capable of gaining the peak of progress and advancement,” the Iranian President stressed.

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