President Stresses Nuclear Rights

A02215371.jpgAddressing a fervent congregation of the people in the northwestern city of khoy on the second day of his three-day tour of the northwestern West Azarbaijan province on Friday, Ahmadinejad also said that Tehran is keen to resolve the issue through negotiations with the west.

He stated some bullying powers who oppose Iran’s access to peaceful nuclear technology have veiled their aggressive faces, saying, “They are hiding their faces behind the mask of peace, but everyone knows that they are not a proponent of peace and that they are liars.”

The President reminded that the Iranian nation has never invaded any other country all throughout the history, but meantime stressed, “If the bullying powers decide to deprive the Iranian nation through pressure, force and misuse of the international bodies, then I am here to inform them that we may never withdraw even an inch from our inalienable nuclear rights.”

Ahmadinejad further defined the big powers’ atheism as the root cause of man’s contemporary problems.

He also ruled out major powers’ claims that they were devoid of any nuclear weapons, asserting that the time of force and threats is now over.

The chief executive official said that the big powers are lying and have stockpiles of nuclear, chemical and biological arsenal, “the US has stored thousands of nuclear warheads and tests the third and fourth generations of nuclear bombs regularly.”

He asserted that the big powers are in charge of tensions and violence all throughout the world, saying, “Anywhere on earth there is war and tension, anywhere there is injustice and corruption, their hands are at work.”

Noting his offer to the US President for attending a televised debate, he said, “Our nation offered a televised debate to the US officials, but those who allege to be a proponent of dialogue opposed a free debate.”

He said that the underlying cause for the US opposition to such a debate is that the American officials are the biggest censors in the world and do not let the American people get informed of the original world developments or even the developments of their own country.

Ahmadinejad said the US administration hides news even inside the country, and fears vigilance of its nation, and continued, “They rejected the debate suggestion mainly because they have nothing to say and are worrying about disclosure of their false claims.”

Pointing to Iraq war, he said the US officials prevent publishing news on the killing of the US soldiers in Iraq and say lies to the American nation.

Elsewhere, addressing the fervent crowd in another northwestern town in West Azerbaijan province, the President said the only remedy to the plight is recourse to God and injunctions of the divine messengers.

Addressing the residents of the town of Salmas, he said the Iranian nation is on the path to progress, setting God Almighty as its ultimate goal, adding that strong faith in God and monotheism are the key to durable peace and calm.

He went on to say that Iranian nation all over the country support access to peaceful nuclear energy, considering it as their inalienable right.

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