President: Justice should dominate int’l relations

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here Saturday said that according to the lesson learned by the Iranian nation at the school of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), justice should dominate international relations. Speaking at a public gathering in the provincial city of Bukan on the third day of his visit to this northwestern province, he urged the need to follow Islam’s models of humanity during the current year, which has been named after the Great Prophet (PBUH). The chief executive said that monotheism is a reality prevailing the whole world. Ahmadinejad said that it is impossible for man to disregard God Almighty and urged the need to respect the Lord and pay attention to beauty, science and knowledge. He said that if faithful people are submissive to arrogance, they consider that God Almighty has rivals. “Human success is rooted in his belief in his Creator and avoiding polytheism. But unfortunately in the world of today, many bullying powers think that they have replaced the God Almighty and make decisions in His stead. “They intend to secure their own interests through force and debauchery, violating the rights of others. Similar to devil, they have the illusion that this will get them somewhere, but they are mistaken,” he said. The president said that some individuals and rulers in the region move in line with the goals of Zionist regime, despite its evil objective and the crimes committed by its forces. “Human salvation can only materialized through monotheism. Those replacing God Almighty with any power, are doomed to be ruined,” he added. Ahmadinejad said that given the unity and faith of the Iranian people, they manage to overcome enemies. Urging that law should be complied fairly by every party, he said that if nuclear energy is bad, no party should have access to it. “They intend to prevent the advancement of Iranian nation and say that Iranians are not entitled to use nuclear fuel cycle,” he noted. Underlining that the nation has the right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposed, the president added, “They have claims to democracy and freedom, but are against the freedom of world nations. Despite speaking about human rights, they are forerunners in aggression.”

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