Parliament Speaker: US Always Seeking Excuses to Oppose Iran

A0223027.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Parliament Speaker said that the Untied States is always seeking different excuses in order to oppose Iran, adding that the new excuse of the US has now happened to be Tehran’s access to nuclear technology.

Speaking in a joint press conference with his Kyrgyz counterpart on Thursday, Gholam Ali Haddad Adel added, “The US has recently admitted to its double-standards in the face of Iran’s use of peaceful nuclear energy, alleging that its dual policies are justifiable. This very confession proves that their oppositions are nothing but seeking excuse.”

Stating that Iran’s Islamic Consultative Assembly has stressed the country’s use of peaceful nuclear technology through passing several laws, he added, “Parliament has stressed both Iran’s inalienable right of access to nuclear technology and the need for confidence-building measures to prove the peaceful nature of these activities.”

The legislative official reiterated that the parliament’s decisions and approvals rise from national resolve, “and we believe that the US opposition to Iran’s nuclear activities is nothing but seeking excuse.”

He said that the Islamic Republic of Iran has declared its preparedness for attending a televised debate to prove rationality, acceptability and righteousness of its stances while the US officials shrank from the proposal.

Also for his part, Kyrgyzstan’s Parliament Speaker stressed the need for the boosting of the two countries’ trade exchanges and said, “Unfortunately the two countries’ economic ties are not at a satisfactory level, but there are good potentials for the development of these ties.”

Stating that the volume of the two countries’ trade during the first six months of the current year has been two times more than the total volume of their exchanges last year, Soltanev said, “This shows the growing trend of our ties.”

He stressed the need for the promotion of the two countries’ relations and underlined full support of the Kyrgyz parliament for any kind of economic cooperation between the two states.

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