Pope’s Remarks Inciting Crisis between Muslims, Christians

A0226316.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei Monday stressed that the recent statements made by Pope Benedict XVI helps to the realization of the policies of the hegemonic powers for fomenting religious crisis between Muslims and Christians.

Ayatollah Khamenei expressed deep regret over the insulting statements made by the world Christians’ leader against Islam and, noting the righteous reaction by the world of Islam in this regard, he said that the issue must be viewed from two angles.

“Firstly, these utterances have insulted Islam and dropped some accusations at it, and secondly, such words help to the realization of the policies of the hegemonic powers for fomenting religious crises between Muslims and Christians,” he continued.

The Leader added, “Accusing Islam of disrespecting rationality resembles denial of the sunlight, because no other divine book has stressed the need for contemplation and reflection as much as Islam has, and the radiant civilization of the Islamic Ummah (nation) has also been founded on the basis of Islamic recommendations about science, reflection, contemplation and insight.”

Elaborating on Jihad (i.e. Sacred Defense), he said it is not fair to present Jihad in a flawed manner while one has not realized its true meaning and concept by himself.

He said Islamic Jihad is not meant to impose beliefs on others, “rather it is a fight for freedom by nations against those powers who try to make a slave of man.”

Pointing to several verses of the Holy Quran, the Supreme Leader reminded that Islam has instructed man to treat others in a delicate and deserving manner, and further asked, “Considering such verses, how could one accuse Islam of violence?”

“Yet, more important and more regrettable dimension of Pope’s remarks is the help that he has extended by such words to the world arrogance,” the Supreme Leader stated.

Noting the efforts made by the US for inciting pessimism and hatred between Muslims and Christians, the supreme leader said that Washington seeks to distort the true image of Islam in a bid to paint an ugly picture of the Muslim minorities in the west and suppress Islamic societies on the pretext of sponsoring terrorism.

“Continued life of World bullying states is conditional on fomenting religious crisis in the international community and the Pope has practically rendered help and assistance to these policies,” he asserted.

Meantime, Ayatollah Khamenei said that the Pope seems to have uttered such words because of his lack of due attention to the objectives and intentions underlying promulgation of such forged notions.

He further reminded the recent insults directed at Islam and Islamic sanctities through the publication of some cartoons in the west as well as the insulting words uttered by some American and European politicians and press against Islam, and described such measures as intense efforts of the US to launch a new Crusade, stressing that the Pope’s statements form the latest chapter in this story.

“We expect nothing from Bush as he serves the interests of looter companies and powers of the world, but it is of much regret and surprise that a senior Christian cleric makes such utterances,” the Iranian Leader pointed out.

To conclude his words, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution called on the world Muslims to pay due attention to the policies underlying the Pope’s statements, adding, “The Arch Satan is playing a role in this story too; everyone must pay attention that all objections and attacks must be directed at those who benefit from and misuse these unfair statements of the Pope in order to pursue their arrogant policies.”

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