Iran Able to Launch Power Plant without Russians

A0130071.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO) Gholam-Reza Aghazadeh said that Iranians can complete Bushehr power plant and put it into operation without any need to Russian experts.

Aghazadeh, currently in Moscow to attend talks with different Russian nuclear officials, told FNA on the way to Moscow that in case Russians cannot manage to launch operation of Bushehr Power Plant, “Iranians are fully capable of accomplishing the construction process and putting the power plant into operation.”

In response to a question about the delay in the completion of the power plant construction process, the official mentioned, “Owing to the modifications and changes which were made to the design of the power plant, launching the operation of Bushehr Power Plant has turned difficult for both Russians and others. As a matter of fact, Russians must have modified a western system into an eastern one.”

During his two-day visit, Aghazadeh is due to meet head of Russia’s Federal Atomic Energy Agency Sergey Krienko to discuss the two countries’ nuclear issues and cooperation, particularly the construction trend of Bushehr Power Plant.

The two sides are to finalize a time-table for the launch of operation of Iran’s first nuclear power plant in the southern province of Bushehr.

Aghazadeh and Krienko should set a proper date for the transfer of nuclear fuel to and the start of operation by Bushehr Power Plant.

The IAEO head is companied by several of his deputies, including Mohammad Sa’eedi, his deputy for international affairs, Seyed Esma’eel Khalili-Pour director of the nuclear safety systems and a number of other experts.

Meantime, deputy IAEO director for power plants, Mahmoud Jannatian, is presently in Moscow.

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