Croatia Expands Academic Relations with Iran

A0058169.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Croatian Ambassador to Tehran said that his country is keen on developing academic ties with Iran’s centers of higher education.

Speaking in a meeting with the chancellor of Tabriz University, the diplomat expressed pleasure with her visit to the Iranian province of East Azerbaijan where she met with the board of deans of Tabriz University, and voiced her people’s interest in Iran and Iranians.

She also stated that a recent Iranian art expo in Zagreb has hosted 36 thousand visitors, which unveils the Croatians’ interest in the Iranian culture, stressing that said positive feelings and bonds have paved a proper ground for further cooperation.

Noting the potentials of the Croatian universities in agriculture, engineering and art, Marian Kounber said, “Considering Croatia’s enthusiasm for expanding cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran, taking long positive strides seem to be a possibility for the two countries’ cooperation in different areas.

She also pointed to Iran’s need in the development of its centers of higher education and Iranians’ eagerness in academic education and said that her country is interested in exchanging university students and professors with Iran.

The envoy further referred to the existing cooperation between the Croatian and Iranian universities, and called for the endorsement of a memorandum of understanding between her country’s universities and the University of Tabriz.

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