MP Views London Meeting a Political Maneuver to Pressurize Iran

A0209430.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Member of the Iranian Parliament’s Presiding Board Hamid Reza Hajji Baba’ee defined the recent meeting of the Group 5+1 in London as just a political-propaganda maneuver to exert pressure on Iran.

Speaking to FNA here on Saturday, the MP said that the division of the 5+1 member states opens the way of talks for Iran, adding that the existing differences in the views of the Group members shows that the US cannot attain its goals though accompanied by Britain.

Stating that the existence of difference in the views of the participants in the London meeting has been very evident, he said, “Given these differences, 5+1 cannot reach a consensus about imposing sanctions on Iran as such a stance places the UN Security Council in a very shaky position.”

The representative of Hamedan at the Islamic Consultative Assembly further noted the recent talks between Iran’s top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani and EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana, and stated, “The viewpoints of Russia and China on the one hand, and those of France and Germany on the other indicate that Larijani-Solana talks have been effective.”

Stressing that the Islamic Republic of Iran may not submit to pressures and threats, the parliament member reiterated, “As frequently stated, Tehran believes negotiation is the only way to break through the present stagnant conditions.”

He asserted that the statement of the 5+1 has been issued in compliance with the US congress bill, and continued, “The statement was issued in a bid to exert more pressure on Iran and to make Tehran accept suspension of its uranium enrichment activities, but the world should know that it has no way out but accepting a nuclear Iran.”

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