4 Bandits Killed in Central Iran

A0191864.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian law enforcement police Tuesday succeeded in killing four gang members in the central province of Kerman and confiscating large quantities of illicit drugs.

FNA dispatches said that the police had been eying on the gang which operated in the eastern parts of Kerman province for some time and launched a hide-out operation on Tuesday to arrest the drug traffickers.

But after the gang members resisted police arrest and started a shoot-out, the police forces hit one of the bandits’ cars in the tank during the cross fire which was followed by an explosion of the car, killing four and wounding two more of the traffickers.

The law enforcement police confiscated 300 kilos of opium, 100 kilos of morphine, 800 kilos of other types of narcotics and 7 guns from the caravan of the drug traffickers.

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