Speaker Views Parliament’s N. Approvals an Honor

A01399792.jpgAddressing an open session of the parliament here on Wednesday, Haddad Adel also praised solidarity of the different political groups and movements in the face of the nuclear issue, and said that the nuclear approvals of the Islamic Consultative Assembly speak the nation’s word.

He further described nuclear approvals as among the major successes of the parliament which have been ratified in coordination with the ruling system.

Elsewhere, the chief lawmaker referred to the recent developments in the Middle-East and assured that Iranians will pour to the streets overwhelmingly to show their strong support for the Palestinian people.

Reminding that the International Qods Day is a heritage of the late Imam Khomeini, he noted the increasing devilish acts of the Zionist regime and its humiliating defeat in Lebanon, and stressed, “The resistance that the Palestinians and the Lebanese are showing to the Zionists’ aggressions today has certainly been inspired by the supports they have received from the world Muslims on the Qods day.

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