FM to Undergo Structural Changes

A0100343.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Special assistant to Iranian Foreign Minister said that his ministry is on the threshold of a series of structural-systematic changes in the various areas of politics, economy, culture and consulate affairs.

Special assistant to Foreign Minister for Strategic Planning Mostafa Mosleh-zadeh said, “Noting President Ahmadinejad’s special attention to the Foreign Ministry, since Mr. Mottaki was appointed to his post, he and his colleagues started a series of changes in a bid to enable this ministry to better cope with its responsibilities.”

He said one of such changes pertained to the formation of a strategic council of foreign relations, where macro-scale and strategic policies are studied and discussed by the Foreign Minister and his deputies and assistants.

The official said that the council is also attended by different experts and university professors, who help the ministry with its orientations, position-takings and decisions.

He also pointed to the establishment of a modern system of proposals at the ministry which aims to present new ideas and help to the decision-making process at the Foreign Ministry.

The university professor further pointed to the other measures adopted by the ministry and said, “In addition to the establishment of the aforementioned structures, Foreign Ministry has also compiled other strategic plans for such various issues as the diplomacy of fighting against narcotics and drug trafficking, the modern diplomacy for the Palestinian crisis, paradigm of relations with hegemonic states and public diplomacy.

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