Qods Day Rallies Reinvigorate Palestinians’ Move towards Freedom

A0187682.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- An Iranian MP said that public participation in the Qods Day rallies is like a shot at the Zionist regime and strengthens Palestinians’ move towards the materialization of their cause and freedom.

Speaking to FNA here on Tuesday, Representative of Qaenat at the Islamic Consultative Assembly Musa Qorbani said that the Qods Day this year bears more meaning than those of the previous years, “because the ideas the Islamic Republic of Iran has raised about the Palestinian issue at the international arena and the triumph of the Lebanese Hezbollah have created a new atmosphere in the world.”

“The courageous resistance of the Lebanese Hezbollah proved that the Zionist regime is not invincible,” he continued.

The presiding board member of the parliament further stressed the need for the extensive presence of the Muslims in the Qods Day rallies.

He underlined that the victorious resistance of the Lebanese Hezbollah illustrated the fact that the Palestinian occupied territories could be liberated.

Meantime, Qorbani pointed out that widespread presence of the public in the Qods Day rallies could also be interpreted as a strong public support for the Iranian government’s measures and stances in the face of the nuclear issue.

“Issues of the world of Islam are interrelated. Partaking in the Qods Day rallies which is a move against the world arrogance and reinvigoration of the world of Islam is, thus, related to Iran’s nuclear issue,” he concluded.

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