MP Stresses Peaceful Nature, Transparency of Iran’s N. Plans

A0038307.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Representative of the Parliament at the IPU summit reiterated the peaceful nature and transparency of Iran’s nuclear programs and said that all the nuclear activities of his country are in conformity with the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) provisions and regulations.

Hedayat Mir Morad-Zehi, Iran’s envoy to the 115th summit of the International Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Geneva, Switzerland, stressed the need for the identical treatment of all the signatories of the disarmament treaties.

Addressing an IPU committee which dealt with an extraordinary article of the summit in relation to North Korea’s nuclear test and reinvigoration of the NPT, he called on the relevant authorities and powers to refrain from using double standards and avoid adopting a selective approach towards NPT member states and signatories of the disarmament treaties.

The lawmaker stressed that reinvigoration of the international bodies for the expansion and globalization of the disarmament treaties, full implementation of the contents of the said treaties and exclusion of any possibility for discriminatory approaches towards the signatories is the proper path for the dismantlement of the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs).

“What we are unfortunately witnessing in North Korea is a direct result of intensive pressures, threats and isolation of that country. The international community must act transparently when dealing with the issue of WMD dismantlement,” he continued.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the representative of Saravan at the Islamic Consultative Assembly reminded, “Some powers are now striving to draw a comparison between Iran’s nuclear program with those of the other countries, but I should remind them now and once again that Iran’s nuclear programs are legal, peaceful and transparent and they abide by the NPT rules and regulations.”

“We believe that real and global nuclear disarmament should be the top priority on the working agenda of the world community,” he asserted.

To conclude his words, the member of the Iranian parliamentary delegation at the 115th summit of the IPU criticized the unilateral policies and approaches as well as political exploitation of the NPT by some world states, and mentioned, “As representatives of the parliaments of the different countries, we should come up with solutions to settle this problem; full dismantlement of all nuclear weapons, full loyalty to the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty and finding solutions through negotiation are the only ways to stop their proliferation.”

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