West’s Carrot and Stick Strategy Inefficient

A02237764.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Mohammad Ali Hoseini lashed out at the western states for pushing Iran’s nuclear case towards UNSC sanctions and simultaneously alleging that they are interested in negotiations.

“The carrot and stick policy should be practiced through consequent steps, that is to say they can’t exercise both types of measures simultaneously,” Hoseini stated in his weekly press conference here in Tehran on Sunday.

He also blasted the US for setting up new offices in Dubai as a central command for its anti-Iran activities, reminding that the US has tried such options very frequently but it has never gained anything by exercising such plots.

Meantime, the Foreign Ministry spokesman said his country expects the United Arab Emirates not to allow its territory be used as a platform for hostile actions against the Iranian nation.

Asked how Iran would possibly reciprocate sanctions imposed by UN Security Council, he said Tehran would not remain silent under such conditions but refrained from providing any further details in this regard.

Asked if resignation of the EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana would affect Iran-EU nuclear talks, Hoseini reiterated that the issue depends on the European side, saying that Iran is always prepared for negotiations with any EU representative.

As to the issue of suspension, he said Iran would discuss the issue if only suspension were a result of talks, reiterating that Tehran’s acceptance would depend on the results gained through the whole talks.

Iran has long stressed that suspension could be studied as a component of comprehensive nuclear talks between the two sides, stating that suspension is a piece of a puzzle which could not be decided or even discussed beyond the framework and away from the rest of the puzzle.

Asked to comment on the recent statements of the 5+1 member states that the Group has not conducted any talks with Iran’s Larijani, the spokesman noted the four rounds of talks between Iran’s top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani and EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana and said that the two sides have attended some preliminary talks after which Mr. Solana himself has expressed his pleasure with the progress they have made during the talks.

“This means that Larijani-Solana talks and their results could be used as a proper base for the resumption of Iran-West nuclear negotiations,” he continued.

Asked if Solana had entered talks with Larijani with the required authorities, he reminded that the EU Foreign Policy Chief represented the 5+1 in the said negotiations and, thus, had been vested the authorities needed for conducting talks.

Asked as to why the trend of action reversed while Solana had stated his satisfaction with the talks, the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman expressed surprise at the West’s dual policies.

And when asked about the Iranian inmates in Iraq, the ministry spokesman reminded that the said individuals are Iranian pilgrims who have entered that country illegally, adding, “Unfortunately, they have ignored our recommendations about going on pilgrimage through legal channels i.e. receiving an entry visa.”

Meantime, he said that Iran would take all the required measures to set such individuals free.

Asked about the fate of the two German and French nationals, he said adopting humanitarian measures is typical of Iran, but meantime, reminded that the decision for the release of the said individuals after the holy month of Ramadan (this week) would depend on the Judiciary officials.

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