Iran Sues Argentine Prosecutor

A0160073.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Prosecutor general Ghorban-Ali Dorri Najaf-Abadi here on Friday condemned recent allegations by his Argentine colleague, and warned that Tehran will file a complaint against judge Galliano for his baseless and unfounded accusations against Iran.

Najaf-Abadi strongly dismissed accusations by an Argentine judiciary official alleging involvement of some former Iranian officials in the AMIA bombing case – a terrorist blast in the Jews’ cultural center in Buenos Aires in 1994 — and further called on Judge Galliano to abide by the rules and criteria of the international law.

“Following the growing wave of Islamic vigilance and the increasing wave of hatred of the free nations for the Zionist regime, specially on the International Qods Day, the Zionists’ lobby has resorted to another plot to drop futile and baseless accusations on Iran despite the very fact that a court ruling by the relevant British judge exonerated Iranian officials of any involvement in the AMIA bombing and Interpol’s general assembly and executive council confirmed that Iran has not been involved in the said case,” he stated, reminding that similar accusations by Argentina’s judiciary system in the past turned into a scandal for that country.

The Iranian official further continued, “Agents of the Zionist lobby have now resorted to their worn-out strategy of psychological war so as to distort the reality and impair the reputation of those movements, states and figures who are well known for their campaign against the world arrogance.”

He also called on Argentina’s judiciary system not to be affected by the unreal propaganda of the Zionists and their agents and not victimize justice for the sake of the goals and desires of the Zionists.

The Iranian judiciary official, meantime, reiterated that the Islamic Republic of Iran is itself among the number one victims of terrorism, while it has always sent a message of peace, friendship and justice-based security to all the world countries, and always been a pioneer in condemning hostile, oppressive and criminal measures.

“It is clear that Iran, in conformity with the rules and regulations of the international law, will sue the other party at the court of justice in a bid to restore its material and spiritual rights,” he reiterated, saying that Iran will always extend the required support to its citizens, and will not tolerate such plots and conspiracies against its nation.

He also stated that the Islamic Republic condemns such unfounded allegations, but meantime, reminded that Iranians have and will be a friend of the Argentine nation, “as we believe that such insults and accusations are made by just a few individuals who are the mercenaries of the Zionists.”

To conclude his words, the Iranian prosecutor general said such measures are at times a result of the differences which exist among the political wings and parties of Argentina, and warned the government of that country about the undesirable consequences of such moves, saying that these kinds of insults and accusations can impair international relations and the atmosphere of trust and confidence among the world countries.

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