President: Iranian nation favors friendship, talks

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here Monday said that the Iranian nation desires friendship and favors negotiation as a means of solving differences.

He said “We do not welcome tensions, but the Iranian nation will give an appropriate and firm reply to any move aimed at setting limitations.” “The Iranian nation will resist (bullying) with the grace of God.

Despite sanctions, it conquered nuclear peaks.

“In case sanctions are imposed (by Western states), the nation will support the government in all its efforts to achieve success.” He stressed that the Iranian people will not withdraw “one iota” from its right, saying “No one is permitted to authorize withdrawal of Iran’s inalienable right.”
The president, addressing the British government, said that the proposed (UN Security Council) resolution against Iran would bring disgrace to Britain.

“Today, you are a government that follows a hegemonic system.

We advise you to take lessons from events. You are not aware of events happening in this world as you are following the United States blindly.”

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that the British government today is “very weak and unable to put everything in order” in the country.

He expressed regret that Britain still plays a leading role in the UN Security Council, particularly with regard to an anti-Iran resolution that is sought to be passed in the council.

The British government encourages US officials to invade the region, he said, citing Afghanistan in particular, adding that they have gained nothing in the course of their military campaigns.

The British government still fantasizes the closing years of the last century when they supported the Pahlavi regime in Iran and bitterly opposed the popular movement of the Iranian people in support of nationalization of the oil industry, the Iranian president added.

Referring to the critical situation in Iraq, he said the occupiers have fallen into a deep quagmire and are desperate for someone to help bring them out.

As to the possibility of Western sanctions imposed on the Iranian nation, he said the Iranian people, with the help of God, have resisted all pressures and sanctions in the past two decades and have victoriously reached the pinnacle of nuclear success.

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