Iran Marks US Embassy Takeover Anniversary

A0020828.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Thousands of Iranians, including university and school students, chanted anti-US and anti-Israel slogans to celebrate the 27th anniversary of the US embassy takeover by a group of university students in 1979.

Demonstrators who gathered outside the former US embassy warned Washington to learn from the incident.

Since the 1979 Islamic revolution, Iranians have celebrated the Nov. 4 takeover of the embassy, when 52 Americans were held hostage for 444 days.

“The Americans should have learned from the seizure of their embassy; they should know that threats will not affect the Iranian nation,” Gholam Ali Haddad Adel, speaker of Iran’s parliament, said during the ceremony.

Apparently referring to US support for imposing UN sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program, Haddad Adel added, “The Americans have no choice but to change their bullying policy to a logical and respectful approach.”

The US, which broke off diplomatic relations with Iran over the embassy takeover, suspects Iran’s nuclear program is a front for developing weapons. Iran denies the accusations and says its program only has peaceful aims.

The demonstration came in the midst of 10 days of war games in Iran. On Saturday, the exercises included the participation of some 30,000 ground forces and test firing of different types of medium and long-range missiles.

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