Iran Warns about Revision of Drug Campaign Efforts

A0239786.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Hasehmi Shahroudi warned that Iran will revise its policies on the campaign against transit of drugs if it is not cooperated by international bodies and other countries.

Speaking in a meeting with the UN deputy Secretary General and Executive Director of the UN Crime and Drug Campaign office here in Tehran on Tuesday, Shahroudi noted Iran’s abundant efforts and costs in campaigning against drugs and transit of narcotics.

Reminding that Iran is paying a heavy price in the fight against the transit of illicit drugs because it is not assisted by the international bodies and countries, he announced, “The Iranian nation is no more willing to pay such a heavy price in favor of the healthiness of the international community.”

The judiciary chief called for the international cooperation and assistance in the fight against illicit drugs and preventing their cultivation and production.

He further regretted that drug production is increasingly growing in Afghanistan despite all the assertions and claims of the international organizations and while the US and NATO forces which have threatened the entire human community remain in that country and do nothing.

“As regards campaign against illicit drugs, Iran is burdening a heavy responsibility and it is a pioneer in the protection of human community against the danger of narcotics,” Ayatollah Shahroudi reminded, stressing that no other country has paid such a heavy price in the campaign against drugs as Iran.

He also stated that a large number of the best Iranian troops have been martyred in the fight against drug traffickers, and reminded that at present all the security, military and law-enforcement bodies and forces of the country are striving to safeguard the borders and prevent smuggle of illicit drugs into Iran and their transit to Europe and other parts of the world via Iran.

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