Iran’s Longest Tunnel to Be Inaugurated

A0021916.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran’s longest tunnel with a length of 2065 meters, which reduces a 4-hour long trip to as short as 20 minutes only, will be inaugurated in the southwestern province of Ilam on Thursday, Managing Director of Iran’s Roads Development Organization said.

Speaking to reporters in a press conference here on Wednesday, Managing Director of Iran’s Roads Development Organization Sa’eedi Kia described the Ahrom-Farashband tunnel as among the most significant such projects in Iran, “not just because it is the lengthiest, but due to the fact that it reduces a four-hour to a 20-minute trip.”

Also noting export of technical and engineering services to other countries
by Iran’s Roads Development Organization, the official described the organization as the executive body of the Ministry of Road and Transportation, and said that it is presently a partner in 2 civil and developmental projects abroad.

Meantime, he voiced the organization’s preparedness to export technical and engineering services to all foreign countries, reminding that neighboring states are considered of priority due similar cultural bonds and close geographical distances from Iran, which cuts the expenditures of the organization.

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