Ahmadinejad Advises Antagonists to Accept Iran’s Friendship

A01750155.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Wednesday called on unfriendly states to accept Iranian nation’s friendship.

“I advise opponents to accept the hand of friendship the Iranian nation has extended to them because friendship with Iran is in their interest,” Ahmadinejad stressed while addressing a large and fervent congregation of the public in the western city of Kamyaran in Kurdistan province on the first leg of his 21st provincial visit to the different regions of the country.

He further stressed that bullying powers are opposing Iran’s progress because they are basically in opposition to the progress of all nations, and reminded, “They wish to monopolize the nuclear energy, but they must know that our dear nation may not accept hegemony and humiliation. The Iranian nation has harnessed nuclear energy and cries out its rights and words of righteousness.”

Reiterating Iran’s increasing progress in all the various fields, he advised opponents to accept Iran’s friendship and stated that making friends with Iran would serve their interests.

Meantime, Ahmadinejad warned, “If they don’t accept friendship with Iran, they will have to face humiliation and despise.”

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