Eight US Invaders Annhilated, Another Four Captured in Iraq

A high-explosive Iraqi Mujahideen bomb went off Friday evening by a US Humvee near head of the Barwanah Bridge in the Bani Dahir area of southern al-Hadithah, about 236km northwest of Baghdad. The bomb had been planted at the base of the bridge and exploded just as a US Humvee was driving past.  The blast destroyed the Humvee, killing four US troops, The bodies of the dead Americans were strewn about the area. A strong odor of grilled human flesh pervading he area following the explosion and was noticeable as far away as the Old Garage area.  That was one indication of the strength of the explosion that sent burned body parts flying over a large area.


An Iraqi Mujahideen bomb exploded by a US military vehicle in the middle of Hit, about 165km northwest of Baghdad on Friday morning. The Mujahideen  packed a bomb in a cooking gas cylinder that was then left with other cooking gas cylinders for sale in black market shops on as-Sakalat Street, which is mainly an area where construction materials are sold.


The disguised bomb went off by a US Humvee, destroying it virtually completely and killing three US Marines.  A fourth Marine was found lying 10 meters (30 feet) away from the scene of the blast.  He was alive but both his legs had been blown off and he had suffered other wounds in his body.  Local witnesses believed he could not survive longer than a few hours.


The Ansar as-Sunnah Mujahideen organization took responsibility for the attack, one of the organization’s commanders speaking of the attack in an interview he gave to the correspondent of a local news agency.


Four US occupation troops were captured in the southern Iraqi city of al-Basrah on Friday. The American troops were traveling along the highway into Iraq from Kuwait via Safwan when they were captured by the road to the al-Basrah International Airport by Mujahideen.


Sources in the puppet police in al-Basrah had reported that they had found the body of an Austrian who was captured on Friday together with four American troops in southern Iraq.


The Iranian satellite TV station al-‘Alam broadcast an announcement by an individual claiming to be a member of an armed group known as the “Islamic Squadrons” who took responsibility for the capture of the American troops.  The declaration broadcast on al-‘Alam TV was the first time that an organization with such a name appeared in al-Basrah, the Al Basrah reported.

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