Iran Condemns EU Parliament Report

A0223776.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Mohammad Ali Hoseini condemned European Parliament’s biased report on human rights condition in Iran, stressing that instrumental use of human concepts cannot veil blatant violation of human rights in Europe and the United States.

According to a statement released by the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Bureau, Hoseini said the report has been based on information collected from suspicious and biased sources which are in direct contradiction to Islamic values, Iran’s Constitution and principles of independent human rights watch.

He further pointed to the compilation of biased and politically-driven reports on Iran’s issues, and stressed, “Compiling reports through using suspicious, biased and unreliable sources who do not have a correct and full understanding of Iran’s issues and making instrumental and propaganda use of human concepts and utilizing such concepts for political purposes by certain members of the European parliament can in no way hide blatant and continued violation of the notion of human rights in Europe and the United States.”

Noting the frequent cases of human rights violation in Europe and the US, the diplomat reminded, “Adoption of a security approach towards the notions and concepts of human rights, violent treatment of immigrants, existence of secret prisons and jails on the European continent, exercise of inhuman punishments in detention centers, murder of an Iranian in a detention center in France, the negative vote of Canada and European Union to a recent UN resolution on violation of human rights by the Zionist regime, heedlessness towards Israel’s engagement in the mass killings in Beit Hanoun and Qana and in using non-conventional weapons in Lebanese villages, continued violation of minority rights, disrespect for the religious principles and beliefs of immigrants and the like are among the too many cases which substantiate and explain the real approach Europe and the United States pursue in relation to human rights issues.”

He also pointed to the unjust approaches and definitions for the human rights notion, and said, “Judging human rights conditions does not mean presenting specific definitions and eventually ignoring human-related issues in Europe and the US while adopting a biased and politically-driven approach towards the same issues in some other parts of the world without considering and showing respect for the domestic Constitutions and laws of the countries in the latter group.”

The foreign ministry spokesman further pointed out that adoption of an equal and balanced approach towards human rights notions based on mutual respect for the laws of the countries and commonly-accepted values is the proper way of removing ambiguities.

To conclude his remarks, Hoseini stated that constructive talks and collecting information from reliable sources can remove the existing misunderstandings.

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