MPs Approve Bill on Fingerprinting US Nationals

A0239177.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- 158 Iranian parliament members here on Sunday approved a single-urgency bill requiring the US citizens to undergo fingerprinting upon their arrival in Iran.

The approval requires the government to provide the needed possibilities, including equipment, expert man power and large archives, for fingerprinting all US nationals and checking their backgrounds upon entry into Iranian terminals and when issuing visa.

The ratification also requires the government to exercise the aforesaid measures in proportion to the US practice and attitudes.

Out of 225 MPs who were present in the session, a total of 205 deputies cast their votes. While 158 voted in favor of the bill, 37 voted against, and 10 abstained from voting.

Earlier in a public address during one of his provincial visits to the different Iranian regions, Ahmadinejad and his administration had declared their opposition to the bill.

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